Placenta Encapsulation

My goal is to make sure that you are educated and equipped with the knowledge you need to ensure the birth of your dreams but my goal is to also make sure that your postpartum experience is just as beautiful and supported. Keeping your placenta and choosing to encapsulate it has many benefits to a mother. Read below to see if this option is right for you.

What is the placenta?

The placenta connects you and your baby in the uterus and delivers oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to her. It is also the only organ your body makes and then gets rid of. It’s full of nutrients have have amazing benefits to your baby in the womb and to you afterward.

Benefits to the Mother

While research studies continue to discover and confirm the medicinal benefits of the placenta, mothers across the United States are enthusiastic about the benefits they’ve experienced from placental consumption!

An amazing 2013 study, “Human Maternal Placentophagy: A Survey of Self-Reported Motivations and Experiences Associated with Placenta Consumption” has gathered the self-reported benefits from almost 200 mothers and their experience with placental consumption. There are 14 benefits that women consistently report from placental consumption. 

1.      Alleviated postpartum bleeding

2.      Enhanced uterine involution (uterus return to pre-pregnancy size)

3.      Improved and accelerated healing and recovery

4.      Reduced maternal postpartum pain

5.      Prevention or treatment of anemia

6.      Improved lactation

7.      Facilitated bonding with newborn

8.      Increased strength and vitality

9.      Accelerated weight loss postpartum

10.   Prevention and relief of headaches

11.   Treatment and prevention of hypothyroidism

12.   Replenishment and regulation of hormones

13.   Improved quality of sleep

14.   Increased libido

My Placenta Encapsulation Services

Choose between the Chinese method where the placenta is steamed in herbs, dehydrated, ground up, and encapsulated, or having the placenta encapsulated raw. There is a 24-72 hour turnaround time for your capsules.  A Tree of Life print, placenta tinctures, and placenta salves can be added for an additional fee.

Placenta Encapsulation- $279

Additional Services Offered Along With Encapsulation:

Placenta Tincture Service – $20

  • Preserve and gain longevity from your placenta once capsules are consumed.
  • A small piece of your placenta is infused in alcohol for six weeks.
  • Packaged in a 2oz glass amber dropper bottle.
  • Includes delivery and suggested storage and use instructions.

Placenta Herbal Salve Service – $20

  • 4oz salve made with sweet almond oil, shea butter, and pure filtered beeswax.
  • Infused with a portion of the dehydrated placenta, calendula, and comfrey. All ingredients are organic. The stem cells from the placenta may promote skin elasticity and collagen production in addition to the healing benefits of the herbs.
  • Apply to skin irritations, rashes (is cloth diaper safe), scrapes and cuts, cracked nipples, hemorrhoids, c-section scars once healed, sunburn, perineal tearing, etc.

Placenta Print Service – $20 

  • “Tree of Life” print, is a unique way to preserve the memory of the nurturing properties the placenta provided to your child in your womb.
  • Place it in the baby book or hang it on the nursery wall.
  • Printed from the placental fetal side directly onto watercolor paper and reflects the intricate design and shape of your baby’s placenta.