The Power of the Postpartum Plan

Expectant Mothers spend a great deal of time creating their birth plans. They take time to think through how they want to enter the birthing space, who they invite into that space and how the decisions they make affect them and the baby. They type these plans out and moms give them to their birthing partners so everyone is on the same page about their wishes. This plan is all about mom and how everyone on her team can support in having a happy and healthy delivery. But what about the postpartum period?

The same careful thought and consideration should go into the creation of a postpartum plan. What do you want to have happen when you arrive home with the baby? Who do you or don’t you want in that space to preserve your peace? What supplies will you need? What meals and herbs will you need? How can everyone come together to provide the best space for you to heal?

We live in a “snapback” society focused too much on how quickly moms can get back to their pre-pregnancy size and back to business as usual. The norm has been that this needs to happen within 6 weeks postpartum. When ideally mothers need well over a year to fully get back to anything!

In other cultures, mothers are given special care and honor whether this is their first birth or eighth birth. Each child is precious and unique and each delivery and postpartum period deserves the right amount of dedication and care. For most mothers family comes by a few times to check on the baby and they dryly ask mom how she doing and feeling but most of the attention is on the baby. The physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health of mom is neglected.

The postpartum plan is a space where you as mom can draft your wishes of what you will need help with as they adjust to life with their sweet little one.

Here are a few ideas and resources to include in your postpartum plan:

Who will take care of meals? Your body needs to heal and be replenished and renewed. Your openings need to be closed and bound.

Who will keep your home clean? You need to keep unwanted germs out of your healing space.

Who will you call on for support? You need the contact information for professional support like doctors, therapists, childcare, close family members.

How will you cope with your feelings? What self-care strategies will you put in place to

What will you do when you need a break from the baby? Don’t feel bad if you need too, it’s a validated feeling. Do you have on-call help from your spouse or will he be at work?

What is your plan to take care of your body? Yoga? Pilates? Gym? Chair Stretches?

How will you celebrate your successes? 

Postpartum Resources

Meal Train-To schedule postpartum meals

Care-Find assistance with nannies and babysitters for support

Talkspace– Online therapist

Amazon Fresh– Online grocery service

Amazon Home Service– Homecleaning Services local to you

The First Forty Days: Nourishing the New Mother

Postpartum Doula Services with Regina


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