Hi, I’m Regina Coley and I’m a certified birth and postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator at Tinyfeet and Heartbeats Birth and Baby. I am an advocate and an educator. I LOVE births and sweet precious babies. I love the moment mamas meet their babies for the first time. I love pregnancies and the strength and magic of our bodies! My goal is to inform, inspire, and support expectant parents and families to realize their best vision for their passage into parenthood.

My journey as a doula arouses from my experience transitioning into motherhood. When I had my first child I was the first of my friends to have a baby and my friends were focused on the freedom of being young and single. They didn’t have the time to support me. My postpartum period was difficult because I felt alone and instantly depressed. I kept reading researching trying to find ways to focus on raising my little one and still remember that I was a woman first and I should not neglect myself. I dreamt up my dream experience of what life should be and how a mom should be honored, celebrated, and loved during and after childbirth. I’m proud to say that it’s not a dream anymore but a reality I can make happen for the mothers and families I serve.

As a mom of eight, I’ve always had a heart for babies, the power in pregnancy, and the bravery of birth. I trained in 2017 to become a Doula to support moms and their families and transition into bringing them into the home. In 2018 I have extended that knowledge to become a placenta encapsulator and lactation educator.

I believe woman’s births should be celebrated no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. A child is such a blessing and birth is a sacred yet celebratory time. I want you to feel respected as royalty. I believe all women should feel relaxed, in control, blessed and beloved during their birth and postpartum experience.

I look forward to supporting your family, pregnancy, and sweet little baby!

Certified Doula with Birthing Little Humans

Certified Placenta Encapsulator with Brilliant Birth Academy

I’m a proud member of The National Black Doula Association

I’m a proud member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Core Values

Family First
Social and Emotional SupportĀ