From First Trimester to Birth, Here’s How to Safely Support Parents

Guest Post from Emily Graham |Mighty Moms

If you have a loved one who is expecting during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering how you can possibly provide love and support for a loved one when you have to keep your distance?

Well, we’re here to tell you that socially distanced and safe support for expectant and new parents isn’t as complicated as you think. Here are a few helpful links and tips to make it even easier for you, all broken down by the many phases of pregnancy.

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First Trimester

Oooo the excitement! The stress and nerves, too. If your friend or loved one just found out she’s expecting, here are some gifts and ways to provide the support she needs:

  • Get her a Costco membership. This way she can stock up on plenty of midnight snacks.
  • You could also surprise her with a gift subscription to a natural household essentials box.
  • Plan a video chat, or schedule regular ones, to check in and see how she’s feeling.
  • Morning sickness is common right now, so maybe send her foods and teas that help.

Second Trimester

By now, your friend may be getting used to being pregnant during a pandemic. What a champ! These are some of the best ideas for showing her you care over the next few months:

  • This is when many women begin showing, so she’s going to need cute new clothes.
  • Converting her existing wardrobe will be easy if you send her a top-rated belly band.
  • By now, she may be even feeling up for a socially distanced outdoor meetup.

Third Trimester

It’s happening! This is when the baby really starts to kick and mom starts to get serious about getting ready for his/her arrival. These supportive tips will help you be there for your friend:

  • We know you want to touch her belly, but you do need to keep COVID-19 risks in mind.
  • That being said, now is the perfect time to plan a virtual baby shower for your friend!
  • Guests and loved ones can always ship some of the most useful and used baby gifts.
  • You could also drop off quick and simple freezer meals ahead of her actual due date.

Birth and Beyond

Congratulations are definitely in order once the baby arrives! Of course, your friend will need support now more than ever before. So here’s how to give it without putting anyone at risk:

  • Connect them with Tiny Feet and Heartbeats Birth and Baby for postpartum support and lactation consultations.
  • Before you head to the hospital, remember that most hospitals are limiting visitors.
  • You may not be able to send flowers or gifts either, but you can send gift cards.
  • A contact-free meal train is a thoughtful way to help out parents once they’re home.
  • If your loved one is planning a move to a larger home, research how they can safely sell their home during the pandemic. 

Pregnancy can be a time filled with joy, hope, and wonder. But like everything else this past year, the experience may be a little different for your loved one. She may be feeling more stressed or worried, or she could even be feeling a little lonely. Put the suggestions above to good use and show her you care at each step in her pregnancy journey. She’ll be so happy that you did.

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